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(organic chemistry)
One of a group of organic heterocyclic compounds containing a dibenzopyrrole system. Also known as 9-azafluorene.



dibenzopyrrole, a heterocyclic compound; colorless crystals that are insoluble in water and soluble in organic solvents. Melting point, 245°-247°C; boiling point, 354°-355°C. It is a weak base, forming unstable salts and acids.

Carbazole is extracted from coal tar (from anthracene oil) andis also prepared synthetically from aminodiphenyl and phe-nanthrene. It is used in the manufacture of dyes, pharmaceuti-cals, and insecticides.[11–1194–1 ]

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In this paper, for carbazole species five reaction pathways were found, which are depicted in Figures 3a and 3b.
The UV spectrum was observed at Lmax 237 and 287 nm and IR spectrum at 3334 cm-1 corroborating the presence of carbazole nucleus in the molecule.
The useful complementary redox materials were electron acceptors and include such compounds as, for example, phenyl-hydroquinone, fluorenones, fluorenes, carbazoles that are poly-nitro substituted, and benzene compounds substituted with electron withdrawing groups [17].
In addition, the Australian patent authority had previously granted patent Number 2005267117 titled, "Inhibition of NF- kappaB" for carbazole compounds.
The color was detected by incubation in aminoethyl carbazole (AEC-red substrate kit; Zymed Laboratories).
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Explaining a whacking 22 percent price hike effective mid-December for purples, violets and similar ink colors, he put the blame on the "reduced availability" of carbazole, a key ingredient sourced only in China and India.
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