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For the duration of the festival an exhibition of miniature cardboard models and characters -- one of the 50 wastepaper-and-cardboard box sets created for "Tito on Ice" -- will adorn the cinema lobby.
Today, more than 30 years after McGugan did his first sketches and 3D cardboard models, Form 2 receives a welcomed update with the addition of in-line microphone, 3-button remote and improved comfort design.
Here, cardboard models, figurines, hand-held video cameras and other curious contraptions combine to convey a family's arrival at a seemingly Pleasantville-style town.
They also made greeting cards and created cardboard models with their pictures on them.
I've painted the pitches, put goalposts up and made 90 cardboard models with the faces of each player cut out from the paper and stuck on.
Sir Peter, 79, earned a flat fee of just pounds 200 for the 1967 Beatles cover, a collage of life-sized cardboard models of famous faces with the Fab Four, after his agent signed away copyright and royalties.
She will talk about the inspiration and influences behind her work and discuss how her ideas are developed through drawings, collage, cardboard models and finally, ceramic pieces.
Instead, he and his collaborators continue with more modest means and methods, using cardboard models (40 in this case) to shape space, form and light, in pursuit of exceptionally distinguished buildings, like this.
Then you see two dozen thin chimneys sticking up through the horizon, like cardboard models.
Posters, life sized cardboard models and eight foot display screens are around Heartlands Hospital to remind patients and visitors of how they can beat the bugs too.
For his recent show, Daniels covered his cardboard models in aluminum foil, and the resulting paintings are even more wondrous than his earlier works.
And there is Nathan Coley, who specialises in cardboard models of religious buildings,.