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city (1994 est. pop. 63,000), N central Cuba, Matanzas prov., a port on Cárdenas Bay. It processes and exports sugar and sisal and has industries producing tobacco, beer, and soap. A fishing fleet is based at Cárdenas, which is also an important commercial center. The city was founded in 1828 as a shipping point for the sugar industry of the surrounding area.



a city and port on the northern coast of Cuba, inMantanzas Province. Population, 55, 200 (1970). Its industryincludes sugar refining and food processing. There is also a ship-yard. Sugar and henequen (fiber made from the leaves of theagave plant) are exported. The city is a fishing center; sea salt isextracted commercially east of Cárdenas.

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Cardenas goes ahead, the US Government will have implemented a death penalty without complying with international human rights standards," said Agnes Callamard and Elina Steinerte, independent experts with the U.
Earlier this year, Cardenas Markets and Northern California, US-based Mi Pueblo joined forces in pursuit of their vision of becoming the #1 Hispanic grocer in the United States.
Early on, Enrique Cardenas and his wife, Marisa, lead a comfortable life together while sharing a close friendship with Luciano Casabellas, a respected attorney who is married to Chabela, Marisas best friend.
The Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) said Cardenas belonged to the Philippine Army's 19th Infantry Battalion.
Junto al presidente Cardenas se ubica el general Francisco Jose Magica Velazquez.
Over the last four years, Cardenas worked as a consultant with CU Lending Advice.
In 1989, Cardenas founded the Democratic Revolution Party, known as the PRD.
Lopez uncorked his wicked serve against Cardenas, who couldn't adjust to its speed and movement.
Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, October 2, 1923, he was the son of the late Juan and Berta Lara Cardenas.
At its heyday in the mid-1950s, Cardenas served as the shipping port for 20 sugar mills in eastern Matanzas province, handling over 400,000 tons of sugar annually.
Cardenas has challenged that proposal, saying it would consolidate power with the mayor and diminish council and public oversight.