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Analysis of heart movements in the cardiac cycle by means of electronic instruments, especially by tracings.



the recording of the heart’s contractions; in the broader sense, all methods of registering the heart’s contractile functions.

The first cardiogram (more precisely, a mechanocardiogram) was taken by the French physiologist E. Marey in 1863 by recording the cardiac impulse at the fifth intercostal space. An impulse results when the heart contracts from an ellipsoid, becoming rounder and thicker, its apex rising and pressing against the chest wall. The irregularity of individual waves on the cardiogram and the difficulty of interpretation led to the replacement of the method by more refined ones: ultrasound impulse cardiography, ballistocardiography, dynamocardiography, kinetocardi-ography, seismokymography, roentgenokymography, electro-kymography, and phonocardiography.


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