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town (1991 pop. 3,480), SW Alta., Canada, near the U.S. boundary. It was founded in 1887 by Mormons from Utah under the leadership of Charles Ora Card, son-in-law of Brigham Young. The chief Mormon temple of Canada is in the town. It is a ranch and irrigation agriculture center. Nearby is the Blood Reserve, the largest reserve for Native Americans in Canada.
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There are a number of pioneer accounts that describe the three-day trek from the international boundary to present-day Cardston.
They went from Spokane to Coeur d'Alene and Missoula on the route of today's I-90, east at Garrison to Helena on today's Highway #12; north to Wolf Creek on 1-15, then through Choteau and Browning to Cardston.
Warren Ranch Colony, Montana, established East Cardston Colony.
As a child, Marie was intelligent and gifted, and her mother had enrolled her in a Christian school in nearby Cardston, a move that served to keep Marie out of residential school.
Canada's Cardston city made history on Monday by rejecting the temptations of the liquor lobby.
Yet, although the Bectells have ranched the same land in Cardston County since 1917, no one--not Jeff's father, grandfather, or great-grandfather had ever seen a grizzly on their property.
Public and stakeholder sessions will be held across the South Saskatchewan region, from Calgary to Cardston to Medicine Hat, from November 6 to December 6.
For more information, write Peter Gregory, Box 972, Cardston, AB, Canada TOK OKO; phone 403-653-4047.
Then she accepted an offer from the diocese of Calgary to serve as a parish priest in Fort McLeod and then in a predominately native parish at Cardston, Alta.
Two hours drive south east of Calgary is the small town of Cardston.
DIED: The last surviving veteran of the Second World War from Alberta's Blood Reserve and champion of native soldiers' rights Stephen Mistaken Chief, 84; after a brief illness, in Cardston, Alta.
That evening, I stayed in picturesque West Cardston.