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27) This question is adapted from Edward Agnew Paton's Down the Islands: A Voyage in the Caribbees (1888, 206), which is quoted in Sheller (2003, 125).
His most distinguished short plays include four early sea dramas, Bound East for Cardiff, In the Zone, The Long Voyage Home, and The Moon of the Caribbees, which were written between 1913 and 1917 and produced in 1924 under the overall title S.
Let's drop the phase forever and just stipulate that innocence was lost in the New World at the precise moment Columbus demonstrated to those Arawaks in the Caribbees the sharpness of his knife, cutting deeply into an Indian's arm.
37) Writing in the 1790s Edwards ascribed a particular cruelty to both the ancient Caribbees (an "unnatural cruelty") and the mulattos and Negroes of his time:
Other plays of the sea followed, including The Long Voyage Home (1917), concerning sailors in a London bar after a voyage; Ile (1917), the story of a captain who persists in his hunt for whale oil at the expense of his wife's sanity; The Moon of the Caribbees (1918), depicting the crisis on the steamer Glencairn, when women came aboard; and Where the Cross Is Made (1918), the tale of another obsessed captain.
Ott-site, performer Rick Foueheux directs George-town students in a quartet ofO'XeiliV'sca plays" at the Capital Vaeht Club, with Moon of the Caribbees and In the Zone offered on April 1 I and Long Voyage Home and Bound East for Cardiff to be staged on April 12.

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