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Perhaps a similar sobriquet should be bestowed on Carl Czerny as a stepping-stone to a greater, deeper appreciation of what Biedermeier Vienna really meant.
Carl Czerny, On the Proper Performance of All Beethoven's Works for the Piano, Czerny's "Reminiscences of Beethoven" and Chapters II and III of the "Complete Theoretical and Practical Piano Porte School Op.
Example 1 shows the offending measure, as cribbed by Carl Czerny for his 1837 publication.
And indeed Joseph Eberle's career as depicted was most varied, including the publishing of wide-inclusive editions of compositions by Ludwig van Beethoven, Carl Czerny, Joseph Lanner and Franz Schubert, a "paper war" of music sheet printing and trade in 1900, and similar historical points on the music trade in Vienna from the 1880s to the early 20th century, Eberle being a hugely important figure with fierce competitiveness.