Carl Milles

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Milles, Carl


Born June 23, 1875, in Lagga, near Uppsala; died Sept. 19, 1955, in Stockholm. Swedish sculptor (worked in the US A from 1931).

Milles studied in Paris from 1897 to 1904 and in Munich in 1905 and 1906. From 1920 to 1931 he was a professor at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm. His work was influenced by A. Rodin, and by archaic Greek and medieval sculpture. Shortly before 1920, Milles turned to monumental decorative sculpture, primarily fountains. Attempting to tie in his sculpture with both architecture and the natural setting, he often used ostentatious devices. Milles’ fountains, which are based generally on mythological subjects, are noted for complexity of design, heroic form, and a distinctive picturesque quality created largely by the streams of water (Poseidon, 1930, Goteborg; Orpheus, 1936, Stockholm; Meeting of the Waters, 1940, St. Louis, USA—all in bronze).


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Racine is also the home of many buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, sculptures by Carl Milles and the Racine Art Museum (RAM), which has one of the most significant collections of contemporary craft in North America.
He was approaching his mid-20s by the time he arrived at the Royal Academy Schools in 1947, and his discovery of what was then cutting-edge art took some time: 'I went to Sweden especially to see the work of Carl Milles [a sculptor, much admired by Wheeler, best known for fountains in an Art Deco/classical idiom], but I'm pretty ashamed of that.
Both Carl Jacobsen and his son Helge (1882-1946) ignored their prodigiously imaginative Swedish contemporary Carl Milles, little known outside Scandinavia but quite likely to be regarded, in times to come, as the most brilliant sculptor of the twentieth century.
The Saarinen team was from Cranbrook Academy, the school in Michigan that produced world-famous creative designers including Charles and Ray Eames, designer Harry Bertoia, Swedish sculptor Carl Milles and furniture designer Florence Knoll, with whom Eero Saarinen established lifelong friendships and collaborations.
A remarkable expression of the theology of Nathan Soderbloom, it is a 20th-century 'living room' of the arts: with Carl Milles sculptures, murals by Olle Hjortzberg, fresco paintings by Filip Mansson and the architect Ferdinand Boberg.
Sculptures by Carl Milles, one of Sweden's greatest artists, are on show in the spring meadow.
Contempt is appropriate when the amity that eventually developed between National Romanticists and Nazis comes up, as it did, for example, in the life and career of sculptor Carl Milles, but in early incarnations National Romanticism deserves appreciation as a forward-thinking movement.
Carl Milles that features an eagle resting on a globe.
Carl Milles and is set upon a rectangular base faced with granite.
The Diana scholars will receive $50,000 and a bronze statuette by the late Swedish sculptor, Carl Milles entitled, "The Hand of God.
Cunningham Lindsey International, on behalf of Lloyds of London, is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the sculpture, "Sunglitter" by Carl Milles and the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for its disappearance.
A priceless Carl Milles original sculpture was taken from the Campus of Cranbrook Educational Community in Bloomfield Hills sometime after dark yesterday (April 5, 2000).