Carnegie Mellon University

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Carnegie Mellon University,

at Pittsburgh, Pa.; est. 1967 through the merger of the Carnegie Institute of Technology (founded 1900, opened 1905) and the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research (founded 1913). Carnegie Mellon, which also has campuses at Moffett Field, Calif., Doha, Qatar, and Kigali, Rwanda, has seven schools and colleges and more than 110 research institutes and centers. The university was the first in the United States to offer academic degrees in the field of drama.

Carnegie Mellon University

(body, education)
(CMU) A university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. School of Computer Science.
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Carnegie Mellon is at the forefront of exciting technologies that have a real impact on the world," said Carnegie Mellon Provost Farnam Jahanian.
The programme brings together the wider Carnegie Mellon community, with upper-class students planning and implementing orientation with support from Student Affairs.
So far, Carnegie Mellon has not had a problem with the differences in early education between America and Australia.
Claytronics is so far out that computer scientist Peter Lee, who's also at Carnegie Mellon, was dumbfounded when Goldstein told him about it.
Khosla, dean of Carnegie Mellon's College of Engineering and co-founder of the Carnegie Mellon educational collaboration in 2001.
The hard part is making sure there are distinct configurations of the hands and motions of the hands that the system recognizes," says Ed Schlesinger of Carnegie Mellon University.
Among the various projects at Carnegie Mellon devoted to speech recognition, natural language understanding, and machine translation, Waibel's group has the distinction of emphasizing the application of neutral network - computer systems intended to mimic the brain - to speech recognition.
Xirrus will open up its Linux based Wi-Fi Array Operating System (ArrayOS) to Carnegie Mellon University and participate in co-development of advanced features and applications that include services such as device and network management, roaming pattern analysis, and usage pattern analysis.
The Jennings family also supports a number of other programs and initiatives, including the Carnegie Mellon Advising Resource Center (CMARC), the Department of Mathematics and the University Libraries' Director's Fund.
Maintaining its rigorous standard for academic excellence, Carnegie Mellon Qatar boasts a faculty to student ratio of 1:7.
To see what Carnegie Mellon has done to increase women's interest in computer science, visit http://women.

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