Carnegie Mellon University

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Carnegie Mellon University,

at Pittsburgh, Pa.; est. 1967 through the merger of the Carnegie Institute of Technology (founded 1900, opened 1905) and the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research (founded 1913). Carnegie Mellon, which also has campuses at Moffett Field, Calif., Doha, Qatar, and Kigali, Rwanda, has seven schools and colleges and more than 110 research institutes and centers. The university was the first in the United States to offer academic degrees in the field of drama.

Carnegie Mellon University

(body, education)
(CMU) A university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. School of Computer Science.
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The Carnegie Mellon campus in Qatar offers two undergraduate SCS programs: the bachelor of science in computer science and the bachelor of science in computational biology.
EPA is proud to support Carnegie Mellon in conducting this important air monitoring research and correlate its impact on public health in Pittsburgh neighborhoods.
The calibre of our graduates and student body continues to raise the bar for prospective students," said Ilker Baybars, dean of Carnegie Mellon
Held at Carnegie Mellon Qatar's campus, the course featured lectures by Thierry Sans, assistant teaching professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon Qatar.
Ken Walters, a spokesman for Carnegie Mellon, said, "We are gratified by the jury's unanimous verdict.
Doha Comedy Festival 2012 will start with the event at Carnegie Mellon Qatar.
Silvia Pessoa said "I'm very proud of the 28 Carnegie Mellon students and their learners.
Claytronics is so far out that computer scientist Peter Lee, who's also at Carnegie Mellon, was dumbfounded when Goldstein told him about it.
The SEI is a federally funded research and development center operated by Carnegie Mellon for the U.
About three years ago General Motors decided it could use a little help in trying to define the Future of automotive electronics, so it turned to Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).
At Carnegie Mellon we hope to make recycling a way of life among college students and have it transfer over into their adult lives," Barbara Kviz, campus Rush to Recycling coordinator, said.

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