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Carnot is one of the largest independent emissions testing organizations in the world.
The CARNOT eProcess Engine and pulinco TopEase(r) XBench products are now integrated, representing a first step towards this goal.
The acquisition of Carnot will help improve our ability to assist our customers in designing their processes and deploying our solutions in an optimal fashion.
Carnot accomplishes this by making use of intelligent agents -- software subroutines that operate in the background of a system and perform actions on behalf of the user.
Hydrogen burning MHD generators with their 85% + carnot efficiency are ideal to get a leg up on this system.
But by Monday, most of the children returned to school, said Maggie Carnot, operations manager at California Finance Group in Glendale, which also is helping and representing the family.
This important and dynamic field studies fuel cells that can achieve higher efficiencies for energy conversion than conventional systems based on the Carnot cycle.
The law follows the property of entropy developed by French physicist Sadi Carnot and German physicist and mathematician Rudolf Clausius.
Napoleon dominates but does not obliterate other major actors whether the Emperor Francis, the Tsar, revolutionaires such as Carnot or generals such as Wellington.
The Story of Broome's War and the Carnot Bay Diamonds and Gary Disher's beautifully written Past the Headlands which places the diamonds' mystery in a literary (fictional) landscape.
THE Saturday morning market on Place Carnot in the new town is a real spectacle - piles of fruit and veg, fresh flowers, wild mushrooms from the hills, home-made pate, cheese, sausages and wine.