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Advanced imaging techniques led to the discovery of a training center for these warrior-entertainers at Carnuntum, a Roman city excavated on and off since the late 19th century.
The buried remnants of the school at the Carnuntum, close to Vienna, were detected through remote-sensing techniques and not through manual excavations.
con Neron (ano 62) tendria lugar la salida hacia Carnuntum de la legion X Gemina (73), permaneciendo de guarnicion en suelo hispano, en concreto en Leon, solo la VI Victrix, lo que nos hace pensar que hasta entonces no se produciria la desaparicion total de los distritos, al menos el primero de los 3 que nos refleja el testimonio de Estrabon (74);
The four sites are: Carnuntum Archaeological Park, a reconstructed Roman city quarter in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, Austria; the medieval Great Guild Hall in Tallinn, Estonia; the 100-year-old Peace Palace in The Hague; and Camp Westerbork, a World War Two Nazi transit camp at Hooghalen, also in the Netherlands.
Internationalen Limeskongrejles 1986 in Carnuntum, 67-70.
The Carnuntum ruins are part of a city of 50,000 people 28 miles (45 kilometers) east of Vienna that flourished about 1,700 years ago, a major military and trade outpost linking the far-flung Roman empire's Asian boundaries to its central and northern European lands.
This plain has a continental climate, bringing with it hot, dry summers that impact the vineyards of Burgenland on Hungary's border and the appellations Carnuntum and Thermenregion, near Vienna.
According to Wolfgang Neubauer, director of the University of Vienna's Institute for Archaeological Science, experts have located the forum of Carnuntum, a Roman camp about 40 kilometres (25 miles) east of Vienna, that dates to 6 AD, and which is considered to be one of the empire's most strategic strongholds north of the Alps.
Finally, Mattern invites us to think anew about the basic function of the long-standing Roman legionary encampments at Mainz, Carnuntum, Budapest, and elsewhere.
Keeping one desperate step ahead of satiation" can have had no relevance for the Suburan innkeeper, the Puteolan banker, the Athenian archon seated in the front row of the Theatre of Dionysus, the soldier stationed at Carnuntum, and for most other fans of gladiatorial games.