Caro, Heinrich

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Caro, Heinrich


Born Feb. 13, 1834, in Poznan; died Sept. 11, 1910, in Dresden. German chemist.

Caro graduated from the University of Berlin in 1855. Between 1868 and 1889 he was director of the Baden Aniline and Soda Factory. He synthesized the dyes induline (1863), chryso-idine (1873), eosin (1873), methylene blue (1876), and auramine (1883), among others. He collaborated with A. Baeyer on the preparation of indole (1877) and later with C. Graebe and K. Liebermann on the development of a production process for the preparation of alizarin. In 1890, Caro obtained permonosul-furic acid H2SO5 (Caro’s acid).


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