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Carrel in the future; we will regrettably have to decline.
Carrel said, "I am energized to take on this challenge and want to thank the Vital Images board members for their vote of confidence and Jay for his support since I came to the company and during this transition period.
The new product will be produced by Celebration Foods, Carvel's manufacturing and distribution division, and is available in over 8,500 supermarket and club outlets, and through all participating Carrel franchise locations.
This architect's use of materials is always delightful, generally expressing an addiction to the sensuality of stone and wood - used here for monastically plain low benches and carrel desk.
Geoff Hill, FOCUS Brands SVP of Development, added, "For the last two years, Carrel has worked closely with Cinnabon to develop seven successful co-branded locations.
Mike Carrel will be an outstanding CEO for ZAMBA," said Joe Costello, Chairman of the Company's Board of Directors.
The Carrel Award was launched to honor outstanding immigrant entrepreneurs whose success embodies the American Dream.
This arrangement, reminiscent of the earlier carrel, had the advantage of giving readers some privacy and protection from draughts.
This is a great deal for Zamba providing us with the necessary capital to focus on building the operations of our business and helping us to strategically position the company to take advantage of any other opportunities that we believe will increase shareholder value," said Michael Carrel, Chief Financial Officer of Zamba.
Carrel, chief operating officer and chief financial officer, will discuss financial results, company priorities and the financial outlook for the remainder of 2007.
With the addition of Uptown Smoothies, Carrel is claiming the title of number one smoothie player in the New York market.
Philippe Carrel, Director, Risk and Trade Management Services,