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If a firm's cartel partners are cheating on the price-fixing agreement, then the worst thing that a firm can do is to honor the agreement by continuing to charge the cartel price, while losing one's customers to firms charging less than the cartel price.
It would be more difficult for the firms to agree on a cartel price after the tariff was levied, since prices were not uniform to begin with, and the tariff affects each firm differently.
Quantitative studies of cartel price effects uniformly attribute very substantial (if differing) overcharges or price increases to most cartels that have been detected.
Cartel Price Announcements: The Vitamins Industry, 26 INT'L J.
Privatisation was said to make them competitive suppliers, But cartel price fixing suggests that there maybe some liars.
Harrington, The Impact of the Corporate Leniency Program on Cartel Formation and Cartel Price Path, in THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF ANTITRUST 59 (Vivek Ghosal & Johan Stennek eds.
81) The worst result would be to replace a cartel with a monopolist, so that the unlawful cartel price is replaced by a monopoly price.
Thus to eliminate incentive to cheat, cartel price should depict some amount of rigidity in a case of market shrinking.
EU Steel's Board member, Pedro Lisboa, has welcomed Eurofer's call for a mining cartel price inquiry by the European Competition Commission.
The entrepreneurial cartel member weighs the possibilities of making gains by "secretly" cutting price while the rest of the cartel maintains the accepted cartel price.
Although cartel members collectively increase their profits by charging the inflated fixed price set by the cartel, each individual firm could maximize its short-term profits by cheating on the cartel, charging less than the cartel price, and selling more than its cartel allotment.
190) In other words, what is stolen is the amount that is paid constituting the margin between the competitive price (that is, the price that would have prevailed absent the cartel) and the cartel price.