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Partial aim is to eliminate all subjective and intuitive influences acting upon manually or semi-automatically carried cartographic generalization state map series in medium scales that continually modify the result of generalization.
Analysis of Urban Road Networks to Support Cartographic Generalization.
Hence, in a current production of small-scale topographic maps, cartographic generalization was largely carried out manually in interactive systems and thus relied on the fundamental decisions taken by a cartographer.
Integration of Cartographic Generalization and Multi-Scale database for Enhanced Web Mapping: PhD Thesis.
The book uses many case studies drawing heavily on North American examples and Five Islands, Maine, are used repeatedly to illustrate the classic problems of cartographic generalization and problems associated with scale as well as contrasting map user requirements.
WEBGEN: Web Services to Share Cartographic Generalization Tools
Prior Information Notice: Research and development of methods for cartographic generalization state map series in medium scales.
1995, 450-457) define selection as a model generalization operation, but selection is not a part of cartographic generalization, which includes classification, simplification, exaggeration, and symbolization.
Cartographic generalization is used for developing a cartographic product.
While most scholars in cartographic generalization recognize the importance of scale to the determination of appropriate degrees of simplification, it is surprising that few line simplification algorithms in cartography are presented with means of objectively relating input tolerance parameter values to target scales, with notable exceptions from Perkal (1966), Dutton (1999), and Li and Openshaw (1992).
The new workflow is completed by Dynamo technology for data validation, cartographic generalization and cartographic output.