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These are cartographically arranged in such a way as effectively claim to assert and reinforce the integrity and probity of Dante's personal history in contrast to the fraudulent behavior of the sinners he encounters in the eighth circle.
We live in a cartographically realized and informed world.
I have focused on these particular maps because they offer insights into the various epistemologies and representational devices at play in contemporary cartography and the link between knowledge (as cartographically constructed or revealed) and power.
locations cartographically located and therefore defined for either the
We can cartographically symbolize a bridge differently based on scale.
Data problems included the unavoidable use of cartographically inaccurate base maps with different scales, multiple versions of databases that did not correlate, and the need to convert huge amounts of nongeographically referenced map and tabular data to digital databases.
The aerial coverage of the various geologic units used in the statistical analyses was determined cartographically.
And so it became known, culturally and cartographically, as Lake Despair.
In his essay on "Renaissance Cartography and the Question of Palestine," Nabil Matar unfolds how the question of Palestine was posed cartographically long before Zionism.
Indeed, her chapter on the shifts from Tudor "bird's-eye" views to cartographically precise post-Fire maps and grids, is one of the most gripping and convincing of the book.
This cellular structure gives features in a raster format a "blocky" or "jagged" appearance, and is therefore not cartographically pleasing.
Enhanced isoline generation is a one-step command for characterization/conversion of GeoMedia Grid surface-to-linear feature class with Z value attributes and creates more cartographically pleasing isolines (contours).