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This weeklong celebration serves to recognize case managers, to educate the public about case management and to increase recognition of the significant contribution of case managers to quality health care for patients, families, health care providers, and payers.
The federal government provided more than $231 million to support disaster case management programs for victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita; however, breaks in federal funding hindered service delivery, and federal agencies and case management agencies faced coordination challenges.
Employment Assessment, Case Management Services and Employment Resource Centre to unemployed persons in the Kitchener-Waterloo, New Hamburg, Elmira, Cambridge and Guelph areas.
The former refers to the theories and models utilized in case management practice, while the latter refers to practitioner produced case management practice that is local, specific, and contextual.
Traditional case management evolved to meet these changing standards and challenges.
CompuLaw, founded in 1978, is widely recognized as the industry leader in publishing court rules databases for use with calendar/docket and case management systems.
Its functionality as an effective tool has already been recognized as worthy of consideration for the Case Execution Management Information System (CEMIS), a tri-service case management system being developed under the direction of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA).
Case management components to help physicians, workers and supervisors understand how medical treatment can affect ability to return to the normal functions of living -- including work.
The purpose of case management is to provide the payer additional control and insight into higher cost medical and lost-time claims (workers' compensation, benefits, auto, liability), with hands-on support to ensure that the maximum amount of care is being provided at the best cost and that lost-time cases return to work in the shortest amount of time.
Cost Effectiveness of Case Management and Maintaining Control: Socioeconomic and Political Implications
The case management industry (with its focus on cost containment, managed competition, and quality care) is playing an increasingly important role in the managed care environment (Owens, 1996).

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