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Figure 3 shows the cash ratio distribution in our sample.
However, upon rising local financing opportunities, cash ratio decreased to 10.
The data in the second column show that all sponsors, except BMW, had a smaller cash ratio than the average of their industry peers.
The decade of the 2000s was a period of economic turmoil which may contribute to the increase in cash ratios.
For instance, the importance of share turnover may suggest a possible role of speculative trading, while the role of cash ratio points toward the free cash flow hypothesis.
Variable Construction Variable Name (Description) Notes Leverage (debt ratio) Total liabilities/Total assets = (d6 - d60)/d6 Cash Ratio (liquid assets) Cash and marketable securities/Total assets = dl/d6 SDCF (operating cash flow SDCF is the standard deviation of the volatility) error term from a regression of the firm's quarterly operating cash flow on the prior quarter's operating cash flow, scaled by total assets.
Cash ratio: Cash ratio measures the ability of Cooperative Unions to settle their liabilities out of their reserved cash when the demand of obligation is raised.
However, in 2006, the company's cash ratio decreased tremendously to 19.
There also are some ratios that investors like to use, including gross rent multiplier, or GRM (often used to value multi-family properties), the cash on cash ratio, the relationship between annual before tax cash flow and the amount of money the investor contributed from his own pocket, and the capitalization, or CAR rate which is the annual net operating income divided by the value of the property.
The money supply (M) is a function of the three "proximate determinants": the monetary base or high powered money (H), the deposit to reserve ratio (D/R), and the deposit to cash ratio (D/C).
These can be combined to determine a number of financial ratios, such as current ratio, quick ratio, cash ratio, gross margin, operating margin, profit margin, pre-tax ROI, after-tax ROE, and more.
9) Capital investments per dollar of cash ratio = Capital investments/Total sources of cash