Gaspard Bauhin

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Bauhin, Gaspard

(gäspär` bōăN`), 1560–1624, Swiss botanist and doctor of medicine, of French descent. His early classification of plants by genus and species in his chief work, the Pinax theatri botanici (1623), anticipated the binomial arrangement of Linnaeus. Bauhin reformed anatomical nomenclature, especially that of muscles. His elder brother, Jean Bauhin, 1541–1613, was also a botanist and doctor of medicine. A genus of plants, Bauhinia, was named for the brothers.

Bauhin, Gaspard


Born Jan. 17, 1560, in Basel; died there Dec. 15, 1624. Swiss botanist, anatomist, and plant taxonomist.

Bauhin was one of the first to begin to use binary nomenclature in botany, which had been definitively introduced by C. Linnaeus. Bauhin’s brother Johann (born Feb. 12, 1541; died Oct. 27, 1613) was also a botanist and is famous for his three-volume work, a description of 5,000 plant species.


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A millennium and a quarter later, in 1596, a Swiss botanist named Caspar Bauhin listed 6,000, and in less than 100 years, in the 1680s, the list ballooned to 18,000 in the Englishman John Ray's Historia Generalis Plantarum.
Estimant les botanistes italiens etre les plus connus et les mieux etudies et les botanistes iberiques les plus meconnus et les moins bien etudies (et, implicitement, les moins fiables), l'auteur decide d'exclure ces extremes de son champ d'investigation pour se concentrer sur la production des savants d'Europe du Nord, a savoir les naturalistes allemands, suisses et flamands tels que Hieronymus Bock, Leonart Fuchs, Conrad Gessner, Otto Brunfels, Carolus Clusius ou Caspar Bauhin.
Johann and Caspar Bauhin lived in Switzerland in the 17th century.