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A fatty substance found in many plant cell walls, especially cork.



a substance secreted by the cells of integumental plant tissues; it infiltrates the cell walls, resulting in their suberi-zation. Chemically, suberin is a glyceride of phellonic acid, CH3(CH2)19CH(OH)COOH, and suberic acid, COOH(CH2)6-COOH. It is closely related to cutin, but is much less common.

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2002) did not find Casparian bands in the endoderm of species of Eriocaulaceae, just curing.
A survey of angiosperm species to detect hypodermal casparian bands.
The cortex displays an exodermis with Casparian bands (Figures 18-19), followed by the cortical parenchyma consisting of isodiametric cells.

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