Castel Sant' Angelo

Castel Sant' Angelo

(kästĕl` säntän`jālō),

Hadrian's Mausoleum,


Hadrian's Mole,

massive round construction on the right bank of the Tiber in Rome. Originally built (A.D. 135–39) by Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleummausoleum
, a sepulchral structure or tomb, especially one of some size and architectural pretension, so called from the sepulcher of that name at Halicarnassus, Asia Minor, erected (c.352 B.C.) in memory of Mausolus of Caria.
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 for himself and his successors, it was later decorated and fortified as a place of refuge for the popes and was connected to the Vatican by a secret passage. It was used as a fortress and prison until 1870 and is now a museum.
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To occupy himself, the artist turned to realising some of the fiery scenes and great landscapes that he had witnessed on his recent tour of Italy, notably The Annual Girandola at the Castel Sant' Angelo, Rome of 1775-76, and most spectacularly of all, his Vesuvius in Eruption, with a View over the Islands in the Bay of Naples (1776; Fig.
104), the Sack of Rome emboldened pro-Savonarolan, republican supporters in Florence to take advantage of the Medici's weakened position (they could no longer count on the help of the Holy Roman Emperor, and Pope Clement VII was holed up in Castel Sant' Angelo for fear of losing his life and thus of no use even to himself), seizing control of the city and re-establishing the republic after fifteen years of Medici rule.
Police allowed them to give interviews, make speeches and observe their moment of silence in front of Castel Sant' Angelo.
Across the river Tiber, the Castel Sant' Angelo, St Peter's Basilica and the impressive Vatican Museums are all worth visiting.
Hug the riverside, however, for Castel Sant' Angelo -the first real highlight of your visit.
Further, Gavaradossi would not have died "disperato" on top of the Castel Sant' Angelo facing a firing squad, but instead would probably have won his legal case against the state (p.
From their encampment, the troops could see smoke from blazes in the city; they heard cannons being fired from Castel Sant' Angelo, signals that Clement VII still held out there and that he and the city awaited rescue.
The 700-yard passageway runs from Castel Sant' Angelo to the papal residence in the Vatican and is just wide enough for two people to pass through.
We stepped outside the impeccably clean Hotel Arcangelo and were virtually upon the Castel Sant' Angelo, a fortress on the banks of the Tiber.
5) Rilievo degli appartamenti papali in Castel Sant' Angelo, Rome, 1994.
The cycles painted by members of his workshop in the Villa Chigi and in the Castel Sant' Angelo were engraved in their entirety in popular sets by Nicholas Beatrizet, Agostino Veneziano and the Master of the Die.
For example, by ending the narrative in early May of 1527, Guicciardini can remain conveniently neutral about the Florentine Republic of 1527-30; and the closing image of Pope Clement, trapped in Castel Sant' Angelo, fearing what may await him, emphasizes poignantly for the young duke the consequences of ineffective leadership.