Castel Sant'Angelo

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Castel Sant’Angelo

built in Rome by Hadrian as an imperial mausoleum. [Rom. Hist.: Collier’s, XVI, 539]
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The Project for Castel Sant'Angelo in the Dyson Perrins Codex.
Cross one of the many ancient bridges on the river Tiber and up past the Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome's only Castle, built on the site where Emperor Hadrian was buried, and you reach the home of the Pope.
5 The long-time papal residence/fortress of Castel Sant'Angelo was originally a mausoleum for which Roman emperor?
The McCanns arrived at the Castel Sant'Angelo just after 9.
Ironically, the backdrop of Gattiolo's Inferno was Rome's Castel Sant'Angelo from where the statue of the angel St.
Augmented reality is available also for the angels of the Castel Sant'Angelo bridge, carved by the Bernini, and for the Basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, close to the place where Galileo Galilei abjured.
Though when I was writing my opera book last year I read time and again that the story of Tosca leaping from the battlements of the Castel Sant'Angelo and immediately bouncing back into view was completely apocryphal.
According to organizers, some 30,000 marched along the route from the Colosseum to Castel Sant'Angelo, a distance of nearly 2 miles.
Located at 4, Via del Gianicolo in the centre of the city by the Tiber River, the hotel will be surrounded by shops and monuments such as the Coliseum, Saint Peter's Basilica, the Castel Sant'Angelo, Piazza Navona and the Oratorio del Gonfalone, all within easy walking distance.
Also in the movie, a sinister brotherhood has its lair inside the Castel Sant'Angelo, with a secret passageway to The Vatican.
In Rome this summer, holidaymakers who wished to escape the sweltering heat of the city could ascend the monumental heliocoidal brick-vaulted staircase of the Castel Sant'Angelo to one of the capital's finest views.