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Castro Valley,

uninc. city (1990 pop. 48,619), Alameda co., W Calif., near San Francisco Bay. Chiefly residential, it also has light industries.
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She especially enjoyed being a neonatal nurse and served for 22 years at the Eden Medical Center Sutter Affiliate in Castro Valley, California.
THE TINY Westover Winery in Castro Valley, California, is open only 10 hours a week and earns about $11,000 a year in profits for owner Bill Smyth and his wife.
Amrita Health Information Systems is developed and licensed by Amrita Ventures, LLC in Castro Valley, California.
It was a huge eye-opener for me when we first started using props for big production numbers, because there's more involved than just what happens on the stage," says Janet Nordgren-Taddie, from Castro Valley Performing Arts in Castro Valley, California.
Every month for more than 25 years, 20 friends in the Castro Valley, california, area have met for a potluck meal made from the pages of the magazine.
based in Castro Valley, California, in 2003, Louis and Sandra Langston could not help noticing that all the rage among the patrons was the old-fashioned tea cakes served at breakfast and at weekly teas.
I can still remember to this day the September morning Father Stack gave my first-grade classmates and me a thorough tour of Our Lady of Grace Church in Castro Valley, California.
Craig resides in Castro Valley, California with his wife.
Three regional seed sources are Clyde Robin Seed Company, Castro Valley, California (www.
Kennedy Wilson Auction Group, a division of the national real estate services and investment firm Kennedy Wilson, conducted a highly successful auction on October 25, 2009 of new luxury condominiums at Forest Circle, in Castro Valley, California.
Pacific State Bank operates branches in Angels Camp, Arnold, Groveland, Modesto, Stockton, Tracy and a Loan Production Office in Castro Valley, California.
A little bit of Lake Tahoe lives in Paul and June Knoblich's Castro Valley, California, ranch house.