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cable categories

Following are the categories for telephone and network cables, which are typically abbreviated "Cat." For HDMI video cables, see HDMI cable types.

Cat 1 and Cat 2 are unofficial voice grade standards, while Cat 3 to 7 are based on the EIA/TIA-568-B standards. Most wiring for local networks that support Gigabit Ethernet is Cat 5e, an improved version of Cat 5. Cat 8 is for short distances in datacenters. See twisted pair.

Cat  Type of      Bandwidth    Data#    Cable         (MHz)      Rate

  1   UTP             1 MHz    Analog
  2   UTP             4 MHz    4 Mbps

  3   UTP/ScTP/STP   16 MHz    4 Mbps
  4   UTP/ScTP/STP   20 MHz   16 Mbps

  5   UTP/ScTP/STP  100 MHz    1 Gbps
  5e  UTP/ScTP/STP  100 MHz    1 Gbps
  6   UTP/ScTP/STP  250 MHz   10 Gbps
  6a  UTP/ScTP/STP  500 MHz   10 Gbps
  7   ScTP/STP      600 MHz   10 Gbps
  7a  ScTP/STP     1000 MHz   10 Gbps
  8   ScTP/STP     2000 MHz   40-100 Gbps
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These capabilities and performance were demonstrated earlier this year at the FTTH Conference and Expo where a single prototype of the HG-V100, connected via CAT3 copper pairs, was demonstrated driving 3 HDTVs, 1 SDTV, and 4 different voice lines -- with capacity to spare.
The approved Hoffer flow products for use on the DDG51 class ships covers two different flow meter sizes and a model CAT3 intelligent signal conditioner.
The digital IP-based system can deliver entertainment and data services to the guest room over a CAT5/6 Ethernet environment or a CAT3 telephone network.
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The digital IP-based system can deliver entertainment services to the guest-room over both a CAT5 Ethernet environment and a CAT3 telephone network.
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