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a nationality living in eastern Spain, primarily in Catalonia but also in Aragón and Valencia and on the Balearic and Pine islands. The population in Spain is more than 5.3 million (1970, estimate). Catalans also live in France (approximately 200, 000), Italy (approximately 15, 000, mainly on the island of Sardinia), Andorra (approximately 7, 000), and the USA and Latin America (approximately 200, 000). They speak Catalan and Spanish, and their religion is Catholicism.

The ancestors of the Catalans were Iberian tribes who came under the influence of the Celts, Carthaginian and Greek colonists, and, after the third century B.C., the Romans. The Alani, and later the Visigoths, ruled the territory of the Catalans for a short time in the fifth century. In the early eighth century the Catalans were conquered by the Arabs, who were driven out of northern Catalonia by the Franks in the late eighth century. The ethnic distinctiveness of the Catalans among the peoples of Spain was determined to a great extent by their prolonged contacts with the Franks. From the formation of a unified Spanish kingdom in the late 15th century until the mid-20th century, the Catalans have fought against the centralizing policies of the Spanish rulers and struggled for regional autonomy. During this struggle the Catalan nationality gradually took shape. The Catalans are engaged in industry (especially textiles), agriculture, and, along the coast, fishing. The distinctive culture of the Catalans is clearly expressed in their dances (the sardana and contrapás), choral singing, and crafts (artistic smithing, majolica). The Catalans possess a rich literature in their own language.


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Their detention by Spain is an affront to human rights, designed to prevent them from performing their role as political representatives of the Catalan people," their lawyer, Ben Emmerson, said in a statement ahead of a news conference in London.
Catalonia and its people have been witnessing this double standard during the past months, with the EU backing Madrid in its smothering of the right of the Catalan people to have the political construct of their choice, in line with what the EU claims are its foundational values.
Ahead of the motion, Cllr McVeigh said: "Anyone who believes in democracy, anyone who believes in basic human rights and the right to self-determination will support the Catalan people.
Grounded in ideas of popular sovereignty, the Catalan secessionists and others believe that the Catalan people have the right to decide whether they continue to be a part of Spain.
BRUSSELS, Dec 22 (KUNA) -- The ousted Catalan separatist leader Carles Puigdemont called Friday on Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to start immediate and unconditional talks on implementing what he said the "clear will of the Catalan people.
Catalan people have turned their backs on bullfighting.
European countries have been painfully silent about the injustices suffered by Catalan people, especially when we remember that these European countries (including Spain) signed a treaty giving humanitarian rights to all their citizens, and the right of small nations to democratic elections to decided how they should be governed.
But despite the global outcry, and despite estimates suggesting that nine out of 10 voters supported secession, the Spanish government has made clear that it has no intention of allowing the Catalan people to declare independence.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Catalonia's Foreign Affairs spokesman told BBC Radio that Catalan authorities will not follow orders from Madrid, but will only listen to the will of the Catalan people.
But he proposed that the regional Parliament "suspend the effects of the independence declaration to commence a dialogue, not only for reducing tension but for reaching an accord on a solution to go forward with the demands of the Catalan people.
By: Egypt Today CAIRO -- 1 October 2017: Barcelona Football Club denied the recent events taking place in Barcelona's streets, as the Spanish police tried to prevent Catalan people from participating in the Catalan independence referendum on Sunday.
Since then, similar events have been held in many parts of the world, not least in Catalonia, where the Catalan people are currently waging a struggle to break free from the Republic of Spain.