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An enzyme that catalyzes the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into molecular oxygen and water.



an enzyme of the hydroperoxidase group that catalyzes the oxidation-reduction reaction during which water and oxygen are formed from two molecules of hydrogen peroxide:

Catalase is obtained in crystalline form; its molecular mass is 250, 000. The enzyme is widely distributed in the cells of animals, plants, and microorganisms. It is a chromoprotein having an oxidized heme as a prosthetic (nonprotein) group. Since the specificity of catalase for a substrate-reducing agent is low, it can catalyze not only the decomposition of H202 but also the oxidation of the lower alcohols. The function of catalase is to destroythe toxic hydrogen peroxide that forms in the body during vari-ous oxidative processes.

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After incubation at 37[degrees]C for 24 h, the colonies were tentatively identified according to morphologic features, pigment production, Gram stain results, catalase test results, type of hemolysis, and characteristic growth on BP agar.
Seeded media harbor considerable amounts of viable Brucella organisms, and routine bacteriologic procedures such as preparing, centrifuging, and vigorous agitation (vortexing) of bacterial suspensions, performing subcultures and biochemical testing, and particularly the catalase test, may create dangerous aerosols and the potential for accidental spillage (14).
Subsequent biochemical tests, including a catalase test, which may generate aerosols by introducing hydrogen peroxide to the specimen, were performed on the open laboratory bench.
The isolates were presumptively identified as Clostridium species by colony characteristics, Gram-stain morphology, and negative catalase test results; they were confirmed as C.
Most phenotypic ID systems require multiple preliminary tests such as a Gram stain and oxidase or catalase tests in order to choose the appropriate test panel.
Culture on chocolate agar showed scarce growth of small, colorless mucoid colonies that showed positive reactions in oxidase and catalase tests.