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Nasdaq:ARRW), a leading provider of digital marketing and enhanced messaging software and services, and Category 5 Technologies Inc.
combines the strengths of MindArrow and Category 5 to deliver a broad suite of software and services that enables its clients to communicate and sell more effectively and efficiently over the Internet.
By combining our resources and capabilities, MindArrow customers will have access to the digital marketing products and services of Category 5, while Category 5's small business software customers will benefit from the additional depth and scope of MindArrow's enterprise messaging products.
CaptureQuest, the full-service Internet marketing firm, Wednesday announced that it has been acquired by Category 5 Technologies Inc.
Under terms of the agreement, CaptureQuest will continue to operate independently while leveraging additional funding opportunities and a broader customer base provided by Category 5.
By bringing CaptureQuest under its corporate umbrella, Category 5 adds an industry leader in creating influential, front-end, Internet marketing tools to its already robust suite of software, technology, and services designed to make businesses more effective and profitable in their marketing efforts.
Without backwards compatibility, introducing Category 6 products into a network could cause an existing Category 5E channel to perform at Category 5 or even Category 3 specifications.
finds that most are looking to upgrade their older category 3, category 5 and STP cabling to enhanced category 5, category 6 and fiber optic cabling.
However in the building backbone and horizontal network, Sage projects that fiber, enhanced category 5 and category 6 cabling will replace category 5 cabling as the most common cable types within the next two years.
Previously, everyone knew that category 5 cabling was the cable to install.
Recent surveys of customers' wiring installations have found that a high percentage have only Category 3 wiring available, and even those with Category 5 wiring in the walls are using connectors, patch panels, and installation techniques that cause the wiring "system" to operate below Category 5 standards.
In addition, sites with a mixture of Category 3 and Category 5 wiring will want to implement the 100BASE-T4 standard throughout the network to minimize the support burden of installing two different types of adapter cards and repeaters in the network.