Catherine Tekakwitha

Catherine Tekakwitha:

see Kateri TekakwithaKateri Tekakwitha, Saint
or Saint Catherine Tekakwitha,
1656–80, Native American holy woman known as the Lily of the Mohawks, b. Ossernenon (now Auriesville, N.Y.).
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MARLBOROUGH - Sister Laurette Germain, known in religion as Sister Mary Catherine Tekakwitha, died Monday, Jan.
15) Allan Greer, Mohawk Saint: Catherine Tekakwitha and the Jesuits (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005).
Dans son Catherine Tekakwitha et les jesuites, recemment traduit (30), Allan Greer ausculte assez finement cette rencontre, apres avoir evoque la spiritualite de la Reforme catholique qu'il compare a celle des Agniers.
Greer does indeed focus on individual "lives," and by addressing the specific concerns of each, gradually creates the mosaic that is the life of Catherine Tekakwitha (Kateri Tegakouita [1656-80]), "Saint of the Mohawks.
Allan Greer has described this book as a "dual biography" of the famous Blessed Catherine Tekakwitha and her hagiographer, the Jesuit priest Claude Chauchetiere.
In the closing chapters of this book, Greer explores the emergence of the religious cult, which looked to Catherine Tekakwitha for healing, and the later hagiography by Cholenec, which focused on Tekakwitha's virginity.
It is precisely this investigation into the mindset of the various players that lends a particular strength to Allan Greer's neutral and meticulously researched account of the intertwined lives of Mohawk Catherine Tekakwitha and Jesuit Missionary Claude Chauchetiere.
A case in point being the once common practice of public execution which both the young Catherine Tekakwitha and Claude Chauchetiere would have had occasion to witness, is very foreign to contemporary North Americans (47).
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Ces deux figures sont celles de la bienheureuse Catherine Tekakwitha et du jesuite Claude Chauchetiere, la premiere relativement bien connue, le second, beaucoup moins, sinon par quelques rares specialistes.
The seventeenth-century Iroquois virgin, Catherine Tekakwitha, was advertised in New Spain around 1724 in order to justify the construction of a nunnery for Native women.