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that through professional development they regularly update themselves on contemporary Catholic teaching, especially as it impinges on educational matters.
In its Decree on the Instruments of Social Communication, the Second Vatican Council stated that the goal of a Catholic press should be to "form, strengthen, and spread public views which are in harmony with the natural law, and with Catholic teaching and precepts" (No.
In it he argued, first, the theme developed earlier by others that the biblical references condemning sodomy were really references to lack of hospitality; and, secondly, that Catholic teaching would change and endorse homosexuality within a few years.
The Catholic teachings are seen to represent "the distillation of centuries of faith experience" (32) and positively contribute to faithful conscience formation.
Medical Ethics: Sources of Catholic Teachings offers a fine revised, updated edition of a classic survey considering the Catholic Church and medical ethics, and is a pick for college-level Catholic medical holdings in particular.
And it is conceivable that it will destroy Catholic education as we know it (or perhaps knew it), because it is designed to take full advantage of the current judicial landscape that is sympathetic to gay rights and which is hostile to Catholic teaching regarding sexuality.
The object is to give a foundation from which the child can make life decisions that are in line with Catholic teachings, says Kristen Allen.
The Second Vatican council removed from Catholic teachings in the 60s that Jews were responsible for the death.
To take a small example, in December a Michigan diocese banned a performance of the play Breaking the Code in one of its school auditoriums because "the theme of the play and the content are contrary to Catholic teachings," according to diocese spokesman Michael Diebold.
Church & State is one of my favorite magazines, and I rarely have a quarrel with anything in it, but I was startled to come across the following definition of "natural law" in the May issue ("Scalia, Bork Help Domino's Billionaire Develop Far-Right Catholic Law School," People & Events): "the belief that Catholic teachings are objectively true and that they transcend secular law.
Friends who teach in the Catholic system in Hamilton tell me of a reality concerning homosexuality that highlights both Catholic teachings and discrimination.
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