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large farm devoted chiefly to raising and breeding cattle, horses, sheep, and goats. The cattle ranch was introduced from Latin America to Texas and the plains of the W United States and Canada. The first ranchers owned cattle, ponies, and camp equipment but no land, grazing their stock on the free public rangerange,
large area of land unsuited to cultivation but supporting native grasses and other plants suitable for livestock grazing. Principal areas in the western hemisphere are the pampas of South America and the prairies of the United States and Canada.
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. When the fencing of land became compulsory, most ranges were broken up into smaller ranches. Cattle and sheep are often shipped from ranches to feed lots in the corn belt for fattening. The term ranch is applied in the W United States also to grain and fruit farms. The dude ranch offers horseback riding and other typically Western outdoor activities for the entertainment of paying guests. Some dude ranches are also "working" ranches, but most are devoted solely to vacationers.
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Component 2: Increasing connectivity and reducing land degradation in participating cattle ranching farms, through differentiated PES (total cost US$6.
For the calculations, the team estimated the consequences of anticipated expansions of cattle ranching, soy farming, and roads.
The Amazon rainforest is being cut down to make way for cattle ranching and soy farming, destroying important natural habitats.
Cattle ranching and Birching are a natural fit, says Len, who, along with his wife Pat and other members of the family, joined the Society in the 1960s.
THOMAS, David Breen, Simon Evans, and others, Warren Elofson continues the strain of Western Canadian historiography on cattle ranching.
FORBES TRINCHERA RANCH LOCATION NEAR FORT GARLAND IN COS- TILLA COUNTY, BISECTED BY HIGHWAY 160 CURRENT OWNER FORBES FAMILY TOTAL ACRES 180,000 CURRENT USES HUNTING, CORPORATE RE- TREATS, LOGGING, CATTLE RANCHING (LAND LEASED TO OTHER OPERATORS) LAND VALUE N/A This is the largest privately held ranch in the state and ranges in elevation from 8,000 feet near the headquarters to 14,037 feet at the top of Blanca Peak.
The cattle ranching Ferreiras, their neighbors - and we're talking some miles of badlands away here - are a little bit more advanced, and therefore prosperous.
Tourism has replaced cattle ranching as Bonito's main source of revenues, says Lillian Rodrigues, the town's tourism director.
Jerry Cooney in turn analyzes the Paraguayan frontier and how the economy shifted from the exploitation of yerba mate, the Paraguayan tea in the colonial period, to cattle ranching.
The deal, expected today, means pay-outs to descendants of Robert Fleming, who founded the company in 1873 and made his fortune from US railroads and cattle ranching.
Due to cattle ranching, intensive plantation farming and oil exploration, indigenous peoples all over Ecuador are losing their cultural identity and natural resources, says Daniel Koupermann, the visionary behind the project.
And more than a few social critics have pointed to the "burger connection" as a danger to our tropical rain forests, arguing that cattle ranching has been one of the leading causes of tropical deforestation, and that large amounts of the beef grown on Third World ranches, carved out of tropical rain forests, is exported here for fast-food burgers.