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Greece: see GávdhosGávdhos
, Clauda
, or Cauda
, small Mediterranean island, S Greece, near Crete. In the Acts of the Apostles it was the refuge of St. Paul's ship during the tempest.
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Rheumatoid arthritis of the lumbar spine leading to anterior vertebral subluxation and compression of the cauda equina.
A case of intra-root cauda equina cavernous angioma: clinical considerations.
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La cauda es corta, peor definida posteriormente y esta algo desplazada hacia el dorso respecto el ostio.
Con respecto al Sindrome de Cauda Equina, se tienen los datos expresados en la Tabla No.
cromis based on apparent differences of the sulcus, a wider cauda, and a slightly convex outerface.
However, the sole success he did witness in person, at a Bath evening meeting in the summer of 2003, was the one that mattered most to him, because he'd sponsored the pounds 4,163 to-the-winner Cauda Equina Handicap.
These surgeries have restored some function in hundreds of patients with all levels of injury, ranging from high-level cervical to cauda equina injuries.