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any strongly corrosive chemical substance, especially one that attacks organic matter. A caustic alkali is a metal hydroxide, especially that of an alkali metal; caustic soda is sodium hydroxide, and caustic potash is potassium hydroxide. Silver nitrate is another caustic substance; it is sometimes called lunar caustic. Most inorganic acids, e.g., sulfuric acid, are caustic, especially when concentrated.



a medicinal substance that exerts a local cauterizing effect when applied to the skin or a mucous membrane. Caustics are used for the destruction of certain skin neoplasms and for disinfection. They also perform antimicrobial activity by destroying the proteins of microorganisms. Caustics include such acids as fuming nitric acid and trichloracetic acid, such salts of heavy metals as silver nitrate and zinc sulfate, and alcohol solutions of iodine. Caustics are used in small concentrations as astringents.


Burning or corrosive.
A hydroxide of a light metal.
A curve or surface which is tangent to the rays of an initially parallel beam after reflection or refraction in an optical system.
A curve or surface which is tangent to adjacent orthogonals to waves that have been reflected or refracted from a curved surface.


1. capable of burning or corroding by chemical action
2. of, relating to, or denoting light that is reflected or refracted by a curved surface
3. a surface that envelopes the light rays reflected or refracted by a curved surface
4. a curve formed by the intersection of a caustic surface with a plane
5. Chem a caustic substance, esp an alkali
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Caustic solutions, however, are not most effective at addressing calcium and magnesium hard water scale deposits.
Unlike caustic solutions, acid and detergent are not neutralized by carbon dioxide, and acid and detergent recycle much better than caustic, as the soil does not substantially neutralize the acid, Johnson says.
For one of the higher order caustics, if there are two pairs of lensed images that are close to each other but not equally bright, then the theorem is violated.
And the brightest parts will be along these caustic curves," Petters said.
For more information on this new caustic additive, contact Dana Johnson at Birko, tel: 800-525-0476.
What's more, caustics at the ocean surface may give rise to the behemoth, ship-gobbling ocean swells known as rogue waves, adds Heller, who is currently developing a rogue-wave theory "having to do with what I learned from this electron branching.
The Zimpro Products group has supplied more than 25 wet air oxidation systems for spent caustic treatment in recent years.
As the loading progresses further, these deformation zones grow further; in our implementation of the method of caustics to the evaluation of the J integral, measurements were performed only when the LDZs were small compared to the extent of the fatigue precrack and furthermore, the measurements were performed well outside the LDZs.
The method of caustics or shadow spots has found widespread use in experimental fracture mechanics, notably in dynamic situations, perhaps because of the ease with which data may be gathered, interpreted and analyzed.
Another Caustic Soda Plant under the name and style M/s.
used fiber-optic viewers to track esophageal healing in 60 children who had ingested caustic materials.