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The local term, in the vicinity of Montpelier, France, for the days near the end of March or the beginning of April when the mistral is usually strongest.



during the English Revolution of the 17th cen-tury, a derisive name given by supporters of the Parliament totheir opponents, the Royalists; it came to be used in late 1641.The name emphasized the gentry nature of the royal army, inwhich the cavalry had primary significance.

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Smith added 18 points for the Cavaliers, who lost to the Thunder 148-124 on Jan.
Wade, a 12-time NBA All-Star guard, agreed to sign with the Cavaliers upon clearing waivers Wednesday, (http://www.
It is one of the key symbols of the Cavaliers organization and serves as the iconic image of strength and dedication.
As far as Cavaliers go, Crufts is a celebration of beauty at the expense of health.
The Cleveland Cavaliers said they have partnered with Gimbal, Inc.
The Minnesota Timberwolves and Cavaliers have been discussing a potential deal that would send All-Star forward Kevin Love to the Cavaliers for Wigging, Anthony Bennett and other pieces.
Ford thought it had it all covered with the Cortina until the advent of the second generation Cavalier from Vauxhall which was a real game changer in 1981.
Chicago -- The Cleveland Cavaliers traded Andrew Bynum in time - and got an All-Star in return.
Egyptian Khaled Shokry's composition Cavaliers will be played tomorrow at 7:30 pm by Mosaic Ensemble (pictured at right) , a group of five musicians from the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra at the Katara Opera House .
The Cavaliers allied themselves to causes which proved to be lost, forged labyrinthine plans that the civil wars exposed as fantasy and consoled themselves with the memory of individual moments of heroism and flair.
Cavaliers coach Teresa Frias didn't know if her celebratory dip in the pool was premature.
Cavalier poet Any of a group of English gentlemen poets who were Cavaliers (supporters of Charles I [1625-49] during the English Civil Wars, as opposed to the Roundheads, who supported Parliament).