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Predation by three species of spielers on a cave fish in a Mexican sulphur cave.
Male-biased predation on a cave fish by a giant water bug.
Water festival educators emphasize the four endangered cave animals that live in northern Alabama: the gray bat (Myotis grisecens), Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis), Alabama cave shrimp (Palaemonias alabamae), and Alabama cave fish (Speoplatyrhimus poulsoni).
Cave fish and cave shrimp living in groundwater streams and pools are indicators of water quality.
These include certain types of cave fish, crabs, crayfish, insects, and some salamanders, Only fungi or other plants that do not need sunlight grow here.
Only two previous studies have explored what happens to hearing after fish lose their vision; both found no differences in hearing between cave fish and those that experience daylight.
The blind Mexican cave fish can perceive structures in its surroundings and can effortlessly avoid obstacles.
The property is adjacent to the Cave Springs cave, which houses the threatened blind Ozark cave fish and a large population of endangered gray bats.
The Somalian cave fish (Phreatichthys andruzzii) has an inner timekeeper set by food rather than sunlight that ticks out a roughly 47-hour day, scientists from Italy, Germany and Spain report online September 6 in PLoSBiology.
It has cost millions of dollars to veer highways around the habitats of the Ozark blind cave fish, said Jonathan Barnett of Siloam Springs, a member of the Arkansas State Highway Commission.
Blindness in cave fish has intrigued evolutionary biologists as well as biomedical researchers studying the genes underlying eye development and sight.
The presence or absence of Ozark cave fish could have material bearing on the airport proposal.