Cavity wall

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cavity wall

[′kav·əd·ē ‚wȯl]
(building construction)
A wall constructed in two separate thicknesses with an air space between; provides thermal insulation. Also known as hollow wall.

Cavity wall

1. A wall assembly constructed of two wythes of masonry bonded with wall ties and separated by an air cavity, which is sometimes filled with insulation.
2. An exterior wall, usually of masonry, consisting of an outer course and an inner course separated by a continuous air space connected by metal ties.
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cavity wall, hollow masonry wall, hollow wall

cavity wall
An exterior wall, usually of masonry, consisting of an outer and inner withe separated by a continuous air space, but connected together by wire or sheet-metal ties. The dead air space provides improved thermal insulation.
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For more information on the Enverge Cavity Wall Products come to booth 3701 at Greenbuild or visit: http://firestonebpco.
Mean and SD of resistance to fracture force (in Newton) for 2- and 3- surface cavities in the teeth with regard to cavity wall thickness Type of Type of Thickness Number Mean tooth cavity (mm) 2-surface 1.
Along the cavity wall (a-b), when the resin compound contacts the wall, the viscosity decreases due to the heat transfer from the wall.
Reflecting increasing attitude towards energy conservation, the modern cavity wall was further enhanced in the 1980s as building regulations stipulated that all cavity walls should incorporate thermal insulation.
It's so simple to take advantage of this great offer, which could save you up to pounds 175 on your energy bills with loft insulation1 and up to pounds 135 a year on your energy bills with cavity wall insulation1.
Loft insulation could save households pounds 175 annually and cavity wall insulation pounds 135.
The KeeneStone Cut is placed in a strip horizontally in a masonry cavity wall requiring no mechanical fasteners, and is manufactured to be 10-inches in height within the cavity.
The companies website says Wall-Lag has been trading for 35 years supplying cavity wall and loft insulation for retail, commercial and trade customers.
If every household in the UK which could install cavity wall insulation did so, it would save around pounds 700 million a year.
Customers can have professionally installed cavity wall and loft insulation, the cost of which can be subsidised.