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India: see KanpurKanpur
, city (1991 pop. 2,029,889), Uttar Pradesh state, N central India, on the Ganges River. A major industrial center, it produces chemicals, textiles, leather goods, and food products. It is also a transportation hub with an airport.
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As far as Nana Sahib's actions at Cawnpore, they were truly heinous, but certainly no worse than the depredations of Colonel James Neill around Allahabad (prior to Cawnpore, by the way), where whole villages were destroyed and countless men, women and children, rebels and loyals alike, were slaughtered out of hand.
It was reported to the authorities, that the chowkeydars, or village policemen, were speeding from Cawnpore through the villages and towns of the peninsula, distributing on their way a symbol, of the origin of which no European could at the time form an intelligible idea, or conjecture the purpose.
None of those on the Kymin monument is linked on Cotterell's Map with the Circus, but among the names associated with the building are some of the most celebrated heroes of empire, including the elder Pitt (the Earl of Chatham), Clive of India, Edmund Burke, David Livingstone, and Sir Hugh Massy Wheeler (killed at the Massacre of Cawnpore in the Indian Mutiny in 1857).
It seems that Campbell's men learned of a massacre at Cawnpore where over 200 British women and children had been butchered by "mutineers".
Chakravarty also provides a sequence of interpretations of "iconic" Mutiny events, like the massacre of two hundred English women and children at Cawnpore and the alleged heroism of Miss Ulrika Wheeler, who, before it was discovered that she had absconded with an Indian man, had come to represent the purity, heroism, and strength of English womanhood.
As a child, the family moved to India, where her father managed cotton mills in Cawnpore.
Norah McEllistrim's black holds principal market rival Dunroe Star on September 24 form, and ought to confirm it if keeping Cawnpore Bullet at bay to the first hurdle.
In each country a long misused class or race of people burst out in retaliative fury, India most notably at Cawnpore in 1847, Jamaica in 1865, Ireland, also most notably, in 1867.
Anderson took command of the 50th in an expeditionary force to Burma and on return to India accompanied the regiment in its redeployment to Cawnpore, travelling up the Hoogly and Ganges rivers by boat.
In July 1857 with around 1,000 troops he recaptured Cawnpore from the rebels after defeating a force of 5,000.
There is a good future for weaving industry in this province, and for shoe-making industry also, and if we encourage these industries I think we shall be able to save the province from unemployment, provided we protect these industries against Cawnpore and Ahmedabad".