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CCCP conducts field inspections of commercial facilities to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, protect owners of trademarks and commercial agencies in accordance with international standards, and provide the best services that contribute to supporting traders and consumers.
DLD will provide CCCPs team with all the directives, decisions and memos issued to real estate companies in Dubai, which clarify the clauses of the violations and the mechanisms of their application.
Behzad added that CCCP maintains round-the-clock vigil to protect intellectual property and conducts random inspections, field visits and investigation to detect counterfeits.
Abdullah Al Shehi, director of the Intellectual Property Protection Department at CCCP, said: "We monitor the market and take action against those violating trademarks as such steps are necessary to protect Dubai's reputation as a trading hub and preferred business destination.
In presence of CCCP eflux inhibitor, MIC levels for ofloxacin were lowered 4-folds in three (6.
In The First Tractor, 1984, for example, the letters of the Cyrillic acronym CCCP have been crudely cut out and placed over an institutional building.
2+] exposure and that its production was inhibited with the addition of the mitochondrial inhibitor CCCP, implicating mitochondria as the source of the [Zn.
In my day only one of those would have been handed the red CCCP vest.
Para describir e identificar la anomalia de la temperatura superficial en la zona de estudio se utilizo el registro termico superficial registrado por la NOAA desde abril de 2006 a febrero de 2007, considerando la region de influencia de El Nino 1+2 y el registro termico realizado en la bahia de Tumaco por el centro de Control Contaminacion del Pacifico, CCCP.
Dark house, star CCCP on the helmet, a childhood bunker, Altai, whirling
And Moscow-headquartered Russky Kholod is well prepared for battle in the streets this summer, with CCCP bars just one weapon of mass seduction deployed from its well-stocked arsenal of frozen sweet treats.
Also, what did the letters CCCP stand for on the football shirts once worn by Russia?