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/ku'dr/ or /kuh'dr/ The LISP operation that returns the right-hand node of a binary tree structure. In the typical case where the tree is used to store a list, the cdr is the tail of the list, i.e. all but the first element.

The instruction format of the IBM 7090 that hosted the original LISP implementation featured two 15-bit fields called the "address" and "decrement" parts. The term "cdr" was originally "Contents of Decrement part of Register". Similarly, "car" stood for "Contents of Address part of Register".
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The Special Cell of the Delhi Police arrested three police personnel for allegedly procuring CDR of Jaitley's mobile phones in February 2013.
Beginning with three-year CDRs published in 2012, the first time an institution's CDR equals or exceeds 30 percent, the school will be required to establish a default prevention task force to:
The CDR system has been used in over 1000 sites and has been involved in over 500 Clinical trials, across all phases in a vast array of indications.
It was a year after production that the I/S department found itself reporting to new senior management who had not been involved with the development of the CDR project.
A school may lose its eligibility to receive federal financial aid under certain Title IV programs if its CDRs exceed specified percentages.
Beginning this summer, the CDR will be made available to banks for enrollment and testing of their ability to access the system.
In addition, a study published in The Lancet in 2000 also showed improvements to CDR attention measures when rivastigmine was administered to patients with Dementia with Lewy Bodies.
Completion of the CDR marks a major milestone for America's Space Station Freedom program," said Bob Paster, president of Rocketdyne.
Having both worked with Karl as well as competed against him in the past, I know he will bring a unique blend of operational experience and marketing expertise to his new role with GRIP Retirement," said Scott Sokol, Managing Director of CDR Financial Products.
In CDR grafting, they are mounted onto a human framework so that the antibody appears human.