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a genus of plants of the family Rhamnaceae. The plants are deciduous or evergreen shrubs or, less commonly, small trees. Some species have thorny branches. The alternate or opposite leaves are simple, usually petioled, and toothed; they bear deciduous stipules. The light-blue, white, pink, or red flowers are bisexual and small; they have a five-parted corolla and are gathered into umbellate clusters that form vivid panicles. The dry, rounded fruit dehisces into three nutlets.

There are about 80 species, distributed mainly in North America. Many species, especially those with light-blue and dark-blue flowers (numerous garden varieties and hybrids), are cultivated as ornamentals. The New Jersey tea (C. americanus), a deciduous shrub that reaches 1 m in height and has ovate or elliptical alternate leaves, is grown in the USSR in gardens and parks. Its white flowers are in axillary or terminal inflorescences. Its leaves were once used in North America as a substitute for tea.


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Spears JDH, Lajtha K, Caldwell BA, Pennington SB, Vanderbilt K (2001) Species effects of Ceanothus velutinus versus Pseudotsuga menziesii, Douglas-fir, on soil phosphorus and nitrogen properties in the Oregon cascades.
Some shrubs, such as Pyracantha and Ceanothus, benefit from being grown against a wall.
Plants which may be suitable for your seaside garden include eryngium (sea holly), echinops (globe thistle), crocosmia, sedum and heuchera, with a mix of shrubs and climbers including buddleia, berberis, broom, ceanothus, escallonia, hebe, weigela and lavatera.
By the way, there is one Ceanothus 'Carmel Creeper' that I planted five years ago at the top of the hill in the shade of a tree.
10 Plant alpines, Dahlias, Clematis and Ceanothus, and keep well-watered.
Ceanothus, with wonderful sky-blue flowers, are 'must-have' shrubs in my garden and they've been so successful I'm about to plant more of them.
Ceanothus herbaceous populations were studied at the Konza Prairie Research Natural Area, a 3487 ha tallgrass prairie in the northern part of the Kansas Flint Hills.
Jan Krupp recruited Momman, the rebab-playing, songwriting godsend with the green thumb who is now replanting over 2,000 native holly-leaf ceanothus among a 1108 acres plot of vineyard land, dirt and rock known as Stagecoach Vineyard.
F Ceanothus (California Lilac) Thyrsiflorus Var Repens pounds 6.
These include Japanese maples, caryopteris, some ceanothus and romneya.
AFTER last year''s severe, early winter it's questionable whether to plant evergreen shrubs such as ceanothus, camellias and pittosporum in autumn.
By contrast, my favourite, ceanothus, continues to look great, even after its wonderful blue flowers have died off, because of its shiny dark green leaves.