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Do you suppose that a man like Cecil would take the slightest notice of anything you say?
I tried to laugh as if I didn't mean what I said, and, as Cecil laughed too, and went away, it may be all right.
Since Cecil has come after Lucy he hasn't been so pleasant, at least--I can't explain.
You are jealous of Cecil because he may stop Lucy knitting you silk ties.
Suppose Lucy marries Cecil, would she live in a flat, or in the country?
Appearing thus late in the story, Cecil must be at once described.
Cecil watched them cross the terrace, and descend out of sight by the steps.
For Cecil considered the bone and the Maples' furniture separately; he did not realize that, taken together, they kindled the room into the life that he desired.
Nothing has been touched up to now," said Cecil Barker.
Cecil Barker pointed to a box of brass-headed nails upon the mantelpiece.
I don't profess to know the meaning of it," said Cecil Barker; "but I have seen the mark on Douglas many times this last ten years.
He did not press the matter further, but if ever a man had murder in his heart it was William Cecil Clayton, Lord Greystoke, when, a week later, Robert Canler drew up before the farmhouse in his purring six cylinder.