diatomaceous earth

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diatomaceous earth:

see diatomdiatom
, unicellular organism of the kingdom Protista, characterized by a silica shell of often intricate and beautiful sculpturing. Most diatoms exist singly, although some join to form colonies.
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diatomaceous earth

[¦dī·ə·tə¦mā·shəs ′ərth]
A yellow, white, or light-gray, siliceous, porous deposit made of the opaline shells of diatoms; used as a filter aid, paint filler, adsorbent, abrasive, and thermal insulator. Also known as kieselguhr; tripolite.

diatomite, diatomaceous earth, kieselguhr

A white or light gray, chalky, natural siliceous material; obtained by mining deposits of fossil remains of small marine life; used as an extender in paints, as an aggregate in lightweight concrete, as a waterproofing material in portland cement, as a filter for water, and as an abrasive.
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ACT + requires a sample [greater than]20 times smaller than that required for a celite or kaolin ACT.
Nonetheless, based on his comparison with four direct testosterone immunoassay methods, Stanczyk proposes that a RIA, rehabilitated with organic solvent extraction and Celite column partition chromatography, could be used as a "gold standard" (4).
The reaction mixture was filtered over a short column packed with celite for 7 hr and evaporated in vacuc to afford the crude oil (725 mg) which was subjected to CC on silica gel with n-hexane-EtOAc gradient, followed by recrystallization from EtOAc/n-hexane to give 5,6-dehydrokawain (1) as colorless needles (245 mg; 82.
The sample volume and the amount of internal standard were adjusted according to the testosterone concentration measured previously by extraction-partition celite chromatography/ RIA (25) to obtain a ratio of unlabeled/ labeled testosterone between 0.
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Austin Ventures is excited about the market opportunity for Celite Systems and their DSL Headend products and technology," said Basil Horangic, partner, Austin Ventures.
ellagic acid, celite, or kaolin) and phospholipids.
Celite Systems' DSL Headend won the SUPERQuest award for Most Promising Network Technology, Access Networking Equipment.
The pigs were fed for a period of 4 weeks during which, from day 10 to 14 and day 24 to 28, Celite, a source of acid insoluble ash (AIA), was added to all diets at 20 g/kg feed as an indigestible dietary marker.
Celite Systems is focused on helping RBOCs, IOCs, and PTTs around the globe maximize the value of their copper plant," said Roger Dorf, president and chief executive officer of Celite Systems.
This system allows estimation of patient-specific anticoagulant response to heparin, determination of Celite ACT values, and calculation of protamine dose by ACT-based approximations of heparin concentration (protamine response test).
Product Name: DCS-2000 Surveillance Camera D-Link is an original hardware manufacturer -- Access Networking Equipment Winner: Celite Systems Product Name: CS200/400 DSL Headends Runner Up: Actelis Networks Product Name: MetaLIGHT 1500 release 2.