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The bottom line is that it is essential that stem cell biologists look for existing mar elements in the cells they study, in order to check that they are retained in the new stem cells.
The original eighteen-member bioethics panel convened under Kass in 2001 included a range of experts such as Yale Law School Professor Stephen Carter and University of California cell biologist Elizabeth Blackburn.
It is aimed at students, structural biologists, biophysicists, cell biologists, biochemists, and researchers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
Leading on the venture capital investment element of the deal, North Star's Alex Buchan, said: "Reinnervate's technology platforms have enormous potential to transform the way cell biologists work and are particularly relevant to the creation of realistic models for the testing of new drugs.
It is aimed at cell biologists, physiologists, developmental biologists, immunologists, and neurobiologists.
Niehoff clearly defines the acronym-laden and inscrutable jargon of cell biologists.
TCA Cellular Therapy, a privately-held company located in Covington, Louisiana, has assembled a team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, cell biologists, and pathologists to study some of the most debilitating neurological diseases including ALS and Spinal Cord Injuries.
Specialists in optical nanoscopy and microscopy, membrane biophysicists, biochemists, and cell biologists show how novel imaging techniques are revealing new concepts about how spatially defined subcellular compartments on the cell membrane influence the diffusion, location, and interactions between multiple molecular components in a dynamic fashion.
The optiMOS sCMOS camera from ()Imaging offers cell biologists a high-speed, sensitive imaging solution that's user-friendly, affordable and bypasses the sometimes-crippling data pains of other sCMOS cameras.
The book will be useful for cell biologists examining the function of motor proteins in a range of model organisms using both in vitro and in vivo techniques.
This type of inquiry is so hot that Stanford University has just created an institute that brings together cancer researchers and stem cell biologists in an unprecedented research marriage.
Students and professional cell biologists can develop the basic skills needed to learn computational cell biology.