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The results suggest that the antiproliferative effect of Chlorfenapyr may be mediated by reducing the chitin and cuticle of cells, also by the effect on mitochondria and lashes, our results allow us to conclude that the tested Chlorfenapyr inhibits the growth of Paramecium, and that this effect is mediated by a disruption of its cellular metabolism.
It would hence seem that antioxidants may promote healthy cellular metabolism by providing an oxido-reductase action.
Scientific findings indicate that PQQ-enhanced signaling stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis, (1-3) boosts cellular metabolism, (1) improves cognitive performance and protects neurotransmitters, (4-7) and repairs DNA
The other would be to activate PFK1 enzymes in order to keep glycolysis operating normally and help prevent cancer cells from altering their cellular metabolism in favor of cancerous growth.
The cellular membrane sodium potassium ATPase mediated synthesis of ATP in response to sunlight, electromagnetic fields and endogenous digoxin induced sodium potassium ATPase inhibition can serve as a non mitochondrial source of ATP for the purpose of cellular metabolism.
In normal aging, changes in alternative splicing largely affect genes associated with cellular metabolism, while disease-specific alterations are associated with genes involved in neuron-specific function.
There is evidence that in some cases inefficient cellular metabolism, rather than the availability of oxygen and other blood-borne nutrients, is an important factor determining whether cardiac pathology will develop.
It contains four new chapters on bioenergetics and cellular metabolism, DNA replication and recombination, gene expression and regulation, and protein structure and function.
For this trial, the OWT measurements were used to determine how aloe juice enhanced with Aloesorb altered cellular metabolism over a 30-day period.
In 1994, Eidelberg visualized cellular metabolism by measuring fluoro-deoxy-glucose (FDG), which cells take up when they're active.
Zinc is crucial to many aspects of cellular metabolism, including immune and neurological function, as well as cell reproduction.
F-actin may play an important role in cellular metabolism by providing the conditions for high specificity for reactions within various metabolic pathways (1).

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