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BaAl2Si2O8 Colorless, monoclinic mineral consisting of barium feldspar.



a mineral; a barium feldspar, with the composition Ba[Al2Si2O8]. The mineral is named in honor of the Swedish scientist A. Celsius. Celsian contains admixtures of K, Ca, and Sr. It crystallizes in the monoclinic system. Its structure, ordering, and conditions of formation are the same as those of other potassium-sodium feldspars. Celsian, which is colorless, has a density of 3,300–3,400 kg/m3 and a hardness of 6–6.5 on Mohs’ scale. A rare mineral, it is usually found in contact metasomatic deposits enriched by manganese rocks. In the USSR it is found in the Ukraine. There are also deposits in Sweden, Japan, and other countries.

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On clinical examination we suspected a local infection due to the presence of the Celsian clinical features for acute inflammation, represented by pain, swelling, local heat, erythema, and movement disorder with partial loss of function (functio laesa).
Molly Cliff, a year nine student at Hipperholme and Lightcliffe High School, won a writing prize in a competition organised by Celsian Education.
The ninth Senior Citizens' Christmas Party was attended by more than 170 guests and supported by a range of local organisations, including Alcoa, BJ Bingo, Max Spielmann Celsian Education, Midland's Ambassador Century Woodall certificate.
Richard brings experience from the education recruitment sector, having worked previously for Hays and Celsian Education.
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SPECIALIST education recruiter Celsian, which has an office in Coventry, has designed a unique programme to support newly qualified teachers (NQTs) during their first year of supply teaching.
A mineralogical indicator of increasing differentiation of melt is the common enrichment in orthoclase and celsian components towards rims of the crystals ([Or.
SPECIALIST recruitment firm Celsian opens new offices in Liverpool's India Buildings, Water Street, today.
Celsian has consequently become a MetaSwitch Interoperability Partner.
Narottam Bansal, a materials research engineer at NASA's Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, also works with additives to stabilize a SCS6-reinforced celsian glass CMC.
In 1996, Celsian Education was one of the earliest agencies to start recruiting teachers and supply staff, placing them in schools across the North East as First Call Educational Services.