Celtic religion

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Celtic religion:

see druidsdruids
, priests of ancient Celtic Britain, Ireland, and Gaul and probably of all ancient Celtic peoples, known to have existed at least since the 3d cent. BC. Information about them is derived almost exclusively from the testimony of Roman authors, notably Julius Caesar, and
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He arrives there in 1740 to seek revenge on all the descendants of his father's killer, as his Celtic religion demands.
Whether it be the ancient Celtic religion with that of Christianity, or the Protestants with the Catholics, the joining of' the bodies creates a being who can be loved, despite the exclusionary efforts of either side.
The Celtic religion is one of the oldest in the world but we can't have the ceremony in our own public park.
The ancient Celtic religion turned on two feasts -- Beltane (May 1) and Samain or New Year's (November 1).
It counters the overly sentimental and unhistorical view of Celtic religion and situates Celtic theology squarely within the institutional medieval Christian Church.
This means that the book may be read as a 'tour guide' of Celtic religion.