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(naval architecture)
A metal or wooden slab in a casing along the centerline of a sailboat which may be lowered to increase the boat's resistance to lateral motion, and raised when the boat is in shallow water or is beached.



a retractable keel made of metal sheet or, less often, wood, used on small sailing vessels, such as yachts; its primary function is to increase resistance to leeway. The center-board can be retracted into a watertight slot for sailing in shallow waters.

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In fact, it was bombed conventionally no fewer than four times before the Fat Man was dropped, including a little more than a week before Operation Centerboard II began.
I created a platform in front of the centerboard slot to keep the dog more comfortable and out of any water that enters the boat," Marek said.
The task of learning how to rig the sails and the guaras--the Inca-style centerboards used for steering--fell to his polyglot crew: chronicler and nurse Natalia Emperatriz Mazuelos, twenty-nine, a native of Amantani Island, Lake Titicaca; supply officer Joaquin Guerrero, thirty-four, an Argentine bicycle racer; radioman Mirko Gurecky, twenty-nine, a Czech engineer; and seaman Andy Rost, twenty-six, a Dutch sailor-of-fortune.
Pietra Strada of Centerboard Partners added, "Internationalization is invariably a key challenge for European growth companies.
It's about making lists and buying charts and agonizing over who makes the fastest spinnaker and, yes, even putting that unnecessary coat of varnish on the centerboard cap .
In the lower hull, the bottom of the mast step, centerboard trunk and cockpit bailer were ground down until they were flush with the hull.
The focus on centerboards is considerable because Swedish sawmills choose sawing patterns and plan production volumes based on centerboard yield.
Two more super sailboats, a 45 m and a 50 m, are presently under way for CCYD, the first described as a cutter-rigged sloop with shallow draft created by a lifting centerboard, which is suitable for chartering and has accommodation for 10-12 guests.
When seeing the thousands of trees in the southwest finger of the lake (1939), I better understand how I made a total fool of myself (1974) when, while trying to impress my girlfriend with my sailing skills, I kept ramming the boat's centerboard into stumps.
CenterBoard, the Virtual ODS Company(TM), announced today it is teaming with four industry experts in launching a Web seminar series highlighting the benefits of implementing a virtual operational store (ODS).