Central Australia

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Central Australia:

see Northern TerritoryNorthern Territory,
territory (1991 pop. 132,780), 520,280 sq mi (1,347,525 sq km), N central Australia. It is bounded on the N by the Timor Sea, the Arafura Sea, and the Gulf of Carpentaria. Darwin is the territorial capital.
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, Australia.
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In Central Australia where tourist numbers are increasing rapidly and interest in our culture is putting pressure on significant Aboriginal sites, research projects that incorporate conservation and management strategies are valuable in assisting custodians in making management decisions.
Minister for Central Australia Matt Conlan said the Todd Mall in Alice Springs is refreshed and revitalised after a $5 million revamp.
Rock-art sites constitute a relatively high proportion of recorded archaeological sites in Central Australia.
The Northern Territory Government today congratulated TNG Limited on news the company is moving ahead with plans for its Mount Peake mining project in Central Australia.
This year the AIATSIS Audiovisual Archives purchased a photo album compiled by Ernest E Kramer, missionary of the Aborigines' Friends Association, containing images taken during two of his 'camel caravan' tours through Central Australia.
That field is critical to the energy future of South and Central Australia and SAGASCO's offer does not reflect the importance of the field to SAGASCO and other major energy interests in Australia.
Individual appointments will be available at the Multicultural Community Services of Central Australia office, 2/20 Parsons Street,
At one level it is a quite personalised introduction to the future of remote Central Australia through the experiences of Aboriginal landowners and the planning facilitators who have been working with them.
Central Australia and Uluru have enormous awareness and appeal around the world to tourists, providing an opportunity to put this event on the world stage.
Rather than grouping papers by topic the editors have chosen to order them so that they follow Ken Hale's own path in the study of Australian languages, beginning with contributions relating to Central Australia where he spent his first year, moving on to the west, Barkly Tableland, Mornington Island, Cape York, and finishing with continent-wide surveys.
Minister for Tourism and Major Events Matt Conlan has today launched new architecturally-designed semi-permanent campsites on the remote Larapinta Trail in Central Australia.
The works are characteristic of the current geographical area serviced by Desart, extending from Tennant Creek in the north to Kiwirkura in Western Australia, to Fregon down in South Australia, and to the eastern area of Central Australia encompassing Utopia to the north and Santa Teresa in the southeast.

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