Central Studio of Children's and Young People's Films

Central Studio of Children’s and Young People’s Films


(full name, M. Gorky Central Studio of Children’s and Young People’s Films), a Soviet motion-picture studio located in Moscow.

The studio, founded in 1924 as Mezhrabpom-Rus’, was reorganized in 1928 as a joint-stock society and renamed Mezhrabpomfil’m. The Central Committee of the Komsomol reorganized it again in 1936; specializing in the production of children’s feature films, the studio was then named Soiuzdetfil’m. During the Great Patriotic War (1941–45), it used the facilities of the Dushanbe Motion-Picture Studio in Tadzhikistan. It was renamed the M. Gorky Film Studio in 1948 and received its present name in 1963.

The studio has released about 650 films, including The Mother, A Pass to Life, Three Songs About Lenin, Gorky’s autobiographical trilogy (Childhood, Among People, and My Universities), The Sail, Treasure Island, The Fifteen-year-old Captain, Timurand His Team, The Young Guard, The Quiet Don, I Am Twenty Years Old, There Lives Such a Fellow, and The Dawns Are Quiet Here.

The studio has been awarded the Order of the October Revolution (1974) and the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1967).

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