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They are lead-glazed with copper-based colouring and unique in being the only group of northern or central Thai wares on which a chemical glaze is known to have been used.
We were unsure of where Central Thai was located in the centre so ventured inside only to find neither the restaurant nor a listing for it on the shopping directory.
We went back out into the cold and down the stairs to the River Wear, on the outside of the complex, where we discovered a Chinese buffet place but no Central Thai.
Because of the Tay Son, Vietnam was out of the picture for decades; the central Thai court was Chou Anou's chief antagonist.
We have before us a very readable perspective on early modern regional history that does not express the central Thai point-of-view, but rather that of the peripheral Lao.
Central Thai, at The Gates Shopping Centre, Framwellgate Bridge, Durham city, is the second restaurant for the family, who already operate the Royal Thai in Darlington.
Art-historian Forrest McGill begins part three by examining nineteenth-century central Thai paintings, focusing on Buddha's prior life as revealed by the Vessantara Jataka.

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