Central Valley project

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Central Valley project,

central Calif., long-term general scheme for the utilization of the water of the Sacramento River basin in the north for the benefit of the farmlands of the San Joaquin Valley in the south, undertaken by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation in 1935. The program's concerns are flood control; improvement of navigation; the development of hydroelectric power, irrigation, and municipal and industrial water supply; protection of the Sacramento delta from seawater encroachment; and the propagation and preservation of fish and wildlife. Shasta and Keswick dams on the Sacramento River, and Friant Dam, on the San Joaquin River, were among the first units built. Canals, such as the Friant-Kern, the Madera, the Delta Cross Channel (which uses Sacramento water to fight soil salinity in the delta), and the Delta-Mendota, are used to transport water throughout the valley. Among the hydroelectric dams are San Luis, Spring Creek, Judge Francis Carr, and Auburn. Folsom Dam is one of the several units constructed in the valley by the U.S. Corps of Engineers.
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Every major water development in the region has been predicated on the idea of staring collapse in the face and demanding more: the Central Valley Project, the State Water Project, the Kern Water Bank, and the current drive to spend another $11 billion in bond funds to build more dams and canals and gun the motor of an engine already on the cusp of failure.
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The Bureau of Reclamation is the largest water provider in the West, and its Central Valley Project (CVP) in California is the country's largest federal water reclamation project.
But the situation would be even brighter if President Clinton revived a stalled initiative that was started during the Bush administration to turn the massive federal Central Valley Project over to the state.
Additional ideas discussed included the merging of the State Water Project and Central Valley Project and shifting maintenance of the State Water Project to another public agency.
Balfour Beatty is building a 1,118 foot-long fish screen and pumping station at the Northern California Central Valley project site with funds provided from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
The Sierra Nevada is the main source of water for the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project, which deliver water throughout the state.
The title has its own name: the Central Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA).

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